Adwords Management is where we manage your pay per click campaigns for you in Google Adwords. So the question is, why get us to do it for you? Quite simply we will save you more than we charge you and deliver more effective campaigns at a lower cost than it would be possible if you were doing it yourself. Not to mention that you can concentrate on the important things you need to do for your business rather than constantly monitoring your adwords campaign.How can we do this? Adwords is incredibly complicated and has many sources of data and tools to improve your campaigns. Done right it is very effective, and done incorrectly it can literally be a bottomless pit to throw your money into!

Adwords works on the principle of bidding for keywords. The more you bid the higher you will appear on the page. The higher you appear on the page the more people are likely to click your advert and so more people will visit your website. Of course the more visitors you get the more it will likely cost.

However Google wants to show quality adverts from quality businesses for 2 reasons:

1) So customers have a better experience by following links that satisfy the nature of their query

2) So that Google get more people clicking the ads, and thus they make more money.

To improve the quality of the advertising results Google use a metric called Quality Score. This works on a number of different levels, but on the basic level every keyword you bid on will be given a Quality Score within your adwords account. Your quality score is a measure of how relevant your advert is to the keyword a Google user searched.

Quality Score is probably the most important thing to manage within adwords. This is because your actual bid price is multiplied by your score. This is called your ad rank score, and this actually calculates where your advert will be on the page.

This means that if you have a high quality score you can actually bid LESS than others with lower scores and still have your advert higher on the page than your competitor. Therefore quality score management is perhaps the most important function within adwords management.

Google wants to have the best performing ads on its pages and it rewards ads that perform well with lower prices. As you are paying for every click you receive you also will want to have better performing ads that bring in better quality leads at lower average prices. This is where we come in and can help out.

We’ll use various techniques from split testing to refining keywords, and correct usage of negative keywords to improve your quality score, decrease your overall costs, and improve your ROI. Adwords Consultant Harvey Pearce (the company owner) manages all of the client Adwords accounts.

Our prices are simple. We charge a fee of between 10% and 15% of your total adwords spend per month, depending on the complexity and/or size of the campaign. Quite simply if you spend £1000 per month with adwords we’ll charge you £100 to manage your campaign. At SEO Derby we’re confident we can reduce your costs by more than 10% of course.

Whilst PPC is important and can be highly successful, as an SEO company we feel strongly that you should also look at SEO and own your listing on search engines rather than renting it. Don’t forget that we offer guaranteed SEO.

Get in touch today and find out how we can help you with this.