You want to make more money from your website?

You’re confused about how to better market your business online?

We’ll lay it out for you here in a no nonsense, non technical manner.


Digital Marketing AcronymsIf you have a website then no doubt you’ve heard all the acronyms when it comes to e-commerce. We all love acronyms don’t we! We have SEO, PPC, CRO, SMM, and many others. In fact there must be close to 100 different optimisation strategies and acronyms that digital specialists use. How about LPO? That’s landing page optimisation to the uninitiated. What about SFO? That’s sales funnel optimisation. Try RRO? That’s revenue rate optimisation.


Yeah, of course you are…..

All of these things are just tools, and on their own they don’t make up a marketing strategy. They’re parts of the digital marketing mix and when blended together in the correct ratios for an individual website they can be very powerful. In isolation none of these tools are going to have the life and business changing effect that you want to see.


1)      They’re much more powerful together because the effects are cumulative.

2)      Every website is different and so the usage of each tool needs to be completely different.

Make it happenAs a business all we care about is doing the things that are going to make you more money. If we make you more money we’re going to be working together for a long time, and that’s great business for us too.

The problem is that e-commerce is so complex that clients don’t really understand what they’re buying, and an uneducated client is rarely going to make an informed choice. We believe that you need to know not just what we do, but also how it will affect your bottom line in the long run, i.e. why we are doing it.

Below is an excerpt from a recent client email which shows a typical experience of getting ripped off by digital marketing companies in the past, and how we educate our clients and work together with them.


I knew the business was a big winner, but with zero internet experience and loser companies all round that took my money without delivering any results I lost confidence. I have listened to everything you have said and done my own research and you know what I realised!!!! We were so bad before that I am surprised we had any conversions!”

So the first bit of advice we can give is that whoever you work with, make sure that they are committed to educating you and making sure that you are part of the process. Any ‘magic wand’ solutions Magic Wandwhere you pay money completely ‘hands off’ and make a boat load of money are not going to work. Really. We believe that an educated client is a happy client.

Don’t want to be educated and just want us to do it for you?

Please find someone else to work with. We’re not the right people for you.


If you want to have success online with your business, all you need to do is focus on 2 things:

1)      Making conversions the heart of everything you do

2)      Be awesome (really!)


That’s it, pretty simple huh?

Of course it’s a lot more complicated than that, and is certainly hard work, however that really is all you need to do.

Success online is no longer a matter of throwing up some crappy content, building a few spammy links, and watching the visitors and sales skyrocket. You have to be awesome in everything you do.

QuestionsWe’re sick to the back teeth of people emailing us asking how much will it cost to rank their sites for ‘X’ or ‘Y’ keywords. We don’t want that type of client and those types of companies will rarely succeed because they have no conception of working to be the best.

These people think they can just buy rankings and future profit, but you can’t. The irony is that even if we delivered rankings on those keywords for them, it would probably be a waste of time. In the industry we call the things such clients want to rank for ‘vanity terms’. That takes it back to conversions at the heart of what we do. If you sell household lights, do you want to be number 1 for the keyword ‘lights’?

Of course you don’t, it would be a total waste of time!

If we take search marketing (SEO) as an example, there seems to be a huge disconnect with people. Google wants to rank the best sites for any given keyword on their first page.

That’s it, that’s all you need to know about what SEO is.

Google isn’t perfect at recognising the best websites and businesses and that’s where a (great) digital marketing company comes in. We’d describe search marketing like this:


“Our job is not to make you rank number 1 for the keywords you want. Our job is demonstrate to search engines and real people that you are great at what you do and that you deserve relevant website visitors because you create an awesome experience”


Do you see the big difference?

Be AwesomeWe can’t and won’t perform miracles. You need to be or strive to be the best in your local area or nationally, and then we have something to work with. Of course ‘best’ is very subjective, and you may have the best prices, or the best customer service, or the best content on your website for example. But if you give us nothing to work with, we can’t help you. Nobody will be able to help you long term because anything that’s done would be short term manipulation of Google, and they’ll catch you eventually – and that means losing everything you’ve worked for.

If you’re committed to being awesome in every way possible then online and business success is a natural by-product of that commitment. It won’t be easy and it will require incredible hard work, but we can work with you to make everybody see why you deserve to have success.

We will help you by getting search engines to recognise your awesomeness, as well as your customers. We’ll get betteContact Usr results from your prospects by optimising your website to convert (make sales) at higher rates. We’ll drive more relevant potential customers to you via various methods, and more will buy because your website isn’t a clapped out old Ford, it’s a brand new Mercedes.

There’s nothing to stop you doing all of this yourself without the need for an agency. Just be awesome and focus on the things that make you money. However, we know that our knowledge and experience can save and make you much more money than we would cost you.

If what we’ve said here sounds like you, then we should talk.

We don’t care if you’re big or small as we can grow together, what we care about is the commitment to being the best and working as a team. We charge between £500 and £5,000 a month and big or small, we’ll work with you to make your e-commerce business the best it can be.

So if you like what we’ve discussed here, we’d love to hear from you.

If you don’t…. Well…. You already know what we would say to you!

So please, get in touch with us and let’s talk without any obligation about how we can improve your e-commerce business.