Facebook advertising is one of the fastest growing areas to advertise. Facebook currently has 850 million users worldwide and generates a staggering amount of page views each day with over half of their users logging in every single day. On every page there is normally some kind of advert and given that the total number of page views per day is so large, there is a massive opportunity for a facebook user to see your advertisement.Being a social networking site, Facebook advertising is completely different to Google Adwords and so facebook ads management is a completely different skill to adwords management. Adwords is based around keywords and is very similar to traditional SEO. Of course there are lots of crossover skills between Facebook and Adwords, but fundamentally they are very different and work on different principles to achieve the same aim.

In Facebook there are no keywords to target and instead Facebook ads work on social, demographic, and behaviour targeting. Facebook members put an incalculable amount of information about themselves online. Facebook knows a members age, sex, location, relationship status, where they work, what movies they like, who their friends are, and a million and one other factors. As an advertiser you can target your ads to members who are more likely to be potential customers by showing ads using a diverse range of ways to target ads to specific users.

Using all of this information can be quite complex, but basically it’s important to understand who your typical customer is and not waste money advertising to people who are less likely to want to be a customer. Split testing of course is still fundamental as part of the management process. Constantly tweaking adverts and advert groups delivers much better results, lowers costs, and increases profitability for the campaign.

Also facebook offers 2 different models to how you pay for your ads. You can do CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per 1000 impressions of your advert). As you can target so deeply within Facebook it’s often (but not always) better to use the CPM model. If you are paying 50p per 1000 impressions and you can get on average 3 clicks per 1000 impressions then your CPC is around 17p. It may well be that to run the same campaign on a pay per click basis would have cost around 50p per click. Of course this strategy works best when you have a really clear idea of who your customers are, as people are more likely to click adverts that are relevant to them.

Let’s say you are a lettings agent in Derby and you are looking for more business. You actually will be looking for landlords to bring their property on with you, rather than potential tenants. So how would you use Facebook to target landlords? Presumably you will already have an idea of your typical landlord. This would be the basis of your campaign. So say 60% of landlords are male, the typical age range is 35 to 55, and most are married. There you go, you already have the basis of your first facebook ads grouping. You should initially advertise to married males who live in Derby between the ages of 35-55.

However you can refine this much further. It’s fair to assume that landlords have an interest in property. There are lots of property shows on TV and many Facebook members list their favourite TV shows in their profile. So you could actually refine your group massively by listing all the TV shows relating to property and only showing adverts to married males who live in Derby between 35-55 who state that they like X, Y, and Z property shows on the TV. Targeting this closely allows you to massively reduce costs and means that the people clicking your ads that you are paying for are far more likely to use your services. Of course this is only one simple example and there are a multitude of ways to target your ads within Facebook.

Split testing is also hugely important with Facebook ads management. Constant monitoring of your ads and ad groups means that underperforming ads are removed and high performing ads are improved further. This all means that your advertising campaign over time becomes more effective.

At SEO Derby we’re happy to help you with this if advertising on Facebook is suitable for your business. However don’t forget that organic SEO is also vitally important and we offer a guaranteed SEO service. Contact us to find out more.