Local SEO is often very different to true organic SEO as most small businesses wish to rank in search engines for searches from local customers looking for local solutions to their problems. Think about an estate agent for example. Is there any point being number 1 nationally for the keyword estate agent? Although there are a few big chain estate agents, most estate agents are local businesses. The same goes for huge amounts of businesses in the country. Let’s take hairdressers, or plumbers, or electricians, or driving instructors. All of these companies need to find local clients from local search, and local SEO is the answer. Being number 1 nationally will probably be of little use to these types of company.Google has a system for local businesses to submit their details and have a local listing on the search engine. This is called Google Places. Google is incredibly ‘clever’ and it knows when someone is looking for a local type business and it only shows businesses in the city of that searcher. They do this through IP addresses amongst many other technical ways to work this out.There is a different algorithm for ranking local sites, and it’s estimated that at least 30% of all searches online are local searches. These are laser targeted searches and bring in real business to real ‘bricks and mortar’ companies. If you are a plumber from Derby and you rank well for the keyword phrase ‘plumber Derby’, you are going to get lots of new enquiries.

We offer special local seo services for clients in Derby as well as small business SEO, and in fact anywhere in the UK, to help you rank well for local searches in your town or city. If you’re a local business seeking local clients we can really help. We can help you via various ethical techniques to show search engines how relevant you are for local searches in your industry. If you’re a plasterer, or a TV repair shop, or a lettings agent, more quality traffic to your site equals more leads which equals more business.

There is one common thread between local search and national search. Everybody wants to see the web becoming a better place. We encourage our clients to have quality as their first objective. Although there are 1000’s of factors in place with search, providing a quality experience for the visitor to your website is the number 1 preferred outcome. We want to work with clients who really are experts in their field and can demonstrate it to their customers.

Think about wanting to be number 1 online. The question you should first ask is, do you really deserve to be number 1? Really? Take a moment to think about it.

Is the quality of information on your website so good that you should be number 1? Is your product or service outstanding? The truth is that most sites don’t deserve to have that number 1 spot. The quality of the content on a lot of websites is poor, and these sites are basically online brochures. If you want to be number 1 online that means you have to be the best. What’s great is that you don’t have to be the biggest. What you do have to do is provide an outstanding online experience for your clients. The truth is you should be aiming to do that whether it’s online or offline.

We will work with you to not only provide relevant signals to search engines that you are the best, but also to your customers. Often the best way to do this is to add a blog to your website and communicate about your industry and share your knowledge. As a small business owner, nobody knows your industry as well as you do.

We’re here to work with you from a technical perspective to help you show that you are number 1, to search engines AND your customers. If you want t get traffic to your website instantly we can help you with adwords management while we work hard on your SEO strategy.

Get in touch today and find out how we at SEO Derby can work with you to grow your business with guaranteed SEO.