Local SEO is the process of ranking local businesses for local keywords. This usually takes the format of keyword + city modifier or the reverse, for an example accountant derby. It’s estimated that as many as 40% of keyword searches are local searches, and these searches are usually highly commercial in nature. These are potential customers looking for a business locally that can satisfy there needs. Ranking for these local keywords is immensely important for local businesses. Gone are the days of the local plumber or driving instructor advertising in the yellow pages. More and more people are looking online for these services and it’s our job at SEO Derby to make sure they find YOUR business. To rank locally you really need a Google Places account. This is because Google shows in most cases listings from its places index of local sites. Here is what a true local places results page looks like.Local SEO for Accountants


Here you can see that Google shows a lot more information that you normally get from a traditional search. This is because all of these businesses have submitted their details to Google and it has been verified. Therefore they are able to show address details, phone numbers, and if you click through to the actual place page you can see images for the business and opening hours!

The task for a company providing local SEO services is to work towards ranking you according to what is required for a true organic result AND for a places result. It’s actually not an easy task as there are 2 different algorithms to work with which have different requirements for where they rank websites and businesses.

However it can be done and whilst challenging it makes for interesting and varied work. Web design is also very important and we can help if you are looking for local website design in Derby or elsewhere. Of course you shouldn’t forget that we offer guaranteed SEO and Adwords Management, so contact us today.