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So I thought I’d write quick post about local SEO and the differences between Google’s local algorithm and the organic algorithm and how sometimes Google blends the two together to give a combined enhanced listing. The reason for the post is that for this site, SEO Derby, I’ve just got a blended listing which will really help my visibility for that keyword

A blended local SEO listing is absolutely fantastic for your visibility and is always the goal for any local company wishing to increase their visibility online. To be honest, it’s not that difficult to get if you know what you are doing, although it can take a little while. The sad truth is that many local companies don’t get the benefits of an enhanced Google listing for their company name. This is especially true if your company name happens to be a ‘keyword’ rather than a name, i.e. Derby Plumbers compared to JG Johnson Ltd (I made that up!).

Local SEO Derby

You’ll see in the image above (click the image for a larger picture) that there are a number of key benefits:

  • They’ve provided a link to my Google Places Page
  • They’ve shown my address directly in the results
  • They’ve shown my phone number directly in the results
  • They’ve put a huge map on the right of the page showing where my office is
  • They’ve even shown my opening hours!

Now ask yourself this. If you were searching for SEO Derby, are you going to click my enhanced listing that dominates the page or the small listings shown for my competitors below me? The answer of course is pretty obvious. This enhanced listing helps the searcher to find my website, to contact me directly, and I’m bound to get more enquiries because of it. As a local business looking for local SEO services this should be one of the agreed SEO goals of your guaranteed SEO campaign.

SEO PlanNow of course, achieving an enhanced listing for your company name is just one goal of many for local SEO. Achieving the same result, but for keywords that are relevant to your business is much harder to do. This is where we step in. We understand that there are many different types of search results being displayed in Google these days, and optimising for all of them is absolutely essential. Local listings are the future of SEO for local companies and we’re at the top of our game. Of course good web design is also fundamental to good SEO and we can certainly help you in that regard too.

Ranking for local ‘bricks and mortar’ companies uses a completely different skill set. The fundamentals of organic SEO are still in place, but there are additional things that need to be done too! We’re well placed to help you with this process and we push the envelope as far as we can in this regard. Local SEO is all about reputation in my opinion, and search engines use a number of key metrics to determine their evaluation of your reputation locally. There are of course hundreds of factors but I’ll list the 3 most important ones:

  • Citations – How often is your business physical address or local telephone number referenced online
  • Reviews – What is the quality and quantity of reviews you have in Google and Independent Yellow Pages sites (IYP’s), and how do they compare to the average in your business sector and locality
  • Backlinks – Traditional SEO tactic – How well backlinked is your website, especially from relevant websites to your business sector.

SEO AuthorityWe will work with you on these and many other factors to help to improve your ranking in search engines. If you’d like to get in touch please give us a call or fill out a call back form on the website. I’d love to show you how excited I get about working with local businesses and working with them to bring in more business. Our SEO pricing is quite reasonable, and we can also help you with adwords management and Social Media SEO, as well as with working on traditional local SEO.


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