Off page optimisation is the process of building backlinks to your website. A backlink is a hyperlink from a particular website back to your website. Search engines view a backlink as a ‘vote’ for you website from another website. Backlinks are the fabric of the web. Without links it would be virtually impossible to surf the internet as there would be little connectivity.Whilst backlinks are important, they are not all created equally. Some backlinks will help you rank for your desired keywords more than others. One of the most important factors is what is known as ‘anchor’ text.

Anchor text is where the link is surrounded by a series of words such as, SEO Derby. You can see here that this page is ‘voting’ for our homepage for the keyword SEO Derby by using SEO Derby as the anchor text. We are providing a clear signal to Google with this SEO strategy that our homepage is relevant for that keyword that we wish to rank for. This can be done on-page (on our website) or off-page (on another website). Both on page links and off page links are relevant and important, but off page links with anchor text often carry more weight. If you think about this it makes perfect sense. Which ‘vote’ should be trusted more, our vote for our website (on page link) or the vote from another website (off page link)?

To rank well in search engines and to get the traffic and thus sales or leads that you require, off page backlinks are the critical factor. The best SEO companies will build you high quality backlinks that help you rank and achieve your online goals. There are a plethora of ways to reach out and acquire relevant one way backlinks with your desired anchor text, but it is a time consuming process. Of course links can be obtained naturally where a webmaster decides to link to you without any contact but this takes time and you can’t pray and hope you will get the links you want. Even if you did get the links you want they probably wouldn’t have the anchor text you need. Without the anchor text, those links won’t help you so much.

What we do is reach out and source you the links you will need to rank your website. Link building is our specialty, and is where we really come into our own. From our original analysis right back at the keyword research stage, we will have a good idea of the quality and quantity of anchor text backlinks you will need to get the #1 spot for your chosen keywords. Our job is to go out and build these for you in an ethical manner.

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