PPCPay Per Click (PPC) has various forms such as advertising on Google Adwords or Facebook. Paid search means paying for every click on advert impression and this sometimes scares businesses who hope to get natural organic traffic for free from Google. However, PPC has many important advantages and is almost always an important part of the digital marketing mix.

In reality PPC has a number of huge benefits which make it an important choice. First and foremost you can start getting traffic to your website and making sales immediately. You don’t need to wait months to rank your website naturally, and you can launch a new website and be doing business on the same day.

Even more importantly, with powerful tracking tools such as Google Analytics you can know to the penny exactly how much money you are making or losing from paying for traffic. As paid search marketers our job is to make your paid campaigns profitable. Once you’re making money and getting an ROI you can expand your campaigns further. Our process, like everything we do, is conversion focused. We work hard to improve every aspect of your PPC campaigns continuously so that costs are lower and profits are higher.

All we care about is making you more money. Perhaps surprisingly, we care little about costs per click and many metrics that clients often worry Adwordsabout. We care about conversions, revenue, and profit. If a keyword converts at ridiculously high rates then we want to get all the clicks we can on that keyword. By measuring on a keyword basis how much it costs per sale, rather than how much it costs per click, we will make you more money.

So if you want to make more money on your existing Adwords or other PPC campaign, or you’re thinking of PPC for the first time, then please contact us. We’ve never seen an account that we can’t massively improve and our charges pay for themselves many times over.