SEO Strategy

Working out an overall SEO strategy can be a complicated process, mainly because with SEO there are so many factors at play. The truth is that many SEO companies would probably approach the strategy for a client’s site in different ways. The Google algorithm computes about 2000 different factors in calculating how relevant a site is for a particular keyword. Given that there are over 2000 factors it’s pretty obvious that there are numerous ways to approach the challenges.At SEO Derby we believe that the best way to approach the initial strategy is using competitor analysis and reverse engineering the sites in the top 10 for the keywords you want to rank for.  Of course the keyword research stage comes before this, because keywords are the foundation of all SEO.

Once we’ve selected the keywords we’d like to rank for and get traffic from, we’ll investigate who is currently ranking for those keywords. We’ll reverse engineer the work that the companies in the top 10 have done (either actively or passively), and make a decision on what would be required to outrank them. Whilst we can’t look at 2000 factors, we can and will look at the most important 40-50 factors, and we will be able to have a very good idea of how easy or difficult it will be to outrank your competitors.

At this stage then we can make a decision on what keywords you want to rank for and move the SEO strategy onto the on page optimisation stage. We’ll make changes to the coding of your website which gives clear signals to search engines that your pages are relevant for the terms you wish to rank for. This includes changing meta tags on your site, making sure the code is valid code with no errors, and also coming up with a content development strategy.

A content development strategy is vital if you want to increase the ranking of your site. If you speak to other companies and they don’t mention content development then walk away! Search engines rank content, and content is the best way to show relevancy to search engines. Content is search engine spider food. The best way to keep them coming back is to provide new content on a regular basis that is super high quality, thus offering value to the reader and the internet as a whole.

Once the onpage optimisation is exactly how we want it and we have a content strategy in place which adds value, we look at off page optimisation, which is essentially building backlinks to your website. Backlinks are the missing part of the puzzle and link popularity really does make a crucial difference in how a site ranks. If content is search engine spider food, then backlinks are the roads that lead them to the food. The more roads we build (backlinks) and the more food we provide (content) the higher the site will rank. Obviously that’s a huge over simplification, but on a basic level it’s pretty accurate!

So now we have great keywords, great on page and off page optimisation, and great content. A killer combination! At this point we look at social media SEO and really start building a conversation with your customers.

If you want to find out more get in touch and ask us about our guaranteed SEO plans as well as adwords management for pay per click campaigns.