Social Media is vital for many businesses as old models of marketing no longer work as they used to. At its heart social media marketing is about communicating with your customers in an active rather than passive sense. We see so many businesses that have social media accounts because they’ve been told they need them, yet they’re dead accounts with no real activity. This is a huge missed opportunity and is even worse than not having the accounts in the first place.

By encouraging active dialSocial Mediaogue with not just customers but stakeholders and even competitors, you can communicate your core values and visibly demonstrate them. This can have tremendous effects on every area of your business. Ultimately social media enables you to promote a community around your brand and values, and once you have that community you can leverage time and time again to further your business goals.

We can help to manage your social media efforts from Facebook to Twitter to YouTube and Google Plus. With our help you’ll get a more engaged audience which will permeate every area of your business. We’ll also heavily use social media to connect with people in our SEO efforts. High quality SEO outreach is about promoting your quality content by communicating with other relevant websites in your space. Social Media, and Twitter especially, is a fundamental part of this process.

As a business if you’ve got nothing to say, then these social channels won’t work for you. The problem is that in today’s online environment, businesses with nothing to say or no value to add are not going to succeed. Our service helps you think about your ‘story’, the messages you want to deliver, and who you want to see your messages. We can work with you to implement this yourself or we can manage the entire process for you.